Word of the Year Challenge 2021

Hello FINE Ladies!

I love this time of year, don’t you? The holidays are upon us; we are about to close 2020 and start a brand NEW YEAR! I ordered my new planner, wall calendar, and goal planning Powersheets. Now it’s time for me to begin the process of my word for the year! Yes, it is a process. But before we get into that, let me start by recapping my word for 2020.

Like all of us, I was so excited to start 2020 and a new decade. I picked the word VISION, and the idea of this word did not pan out the way I thought it was going to. When I started the process last December and picked VISION, I thought it would be all about my goals, dreams, and desires, ya know, like a “Vision Board.” NOPE! By the end of December, VISION turned out to be me “keeping my eyes on Jesus.” Honestly, I didn’t get it, but I went with it anyway.

Girls, God knows what He is doing!

My scripture verse to coincide with my word was Exodus 3:3; Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.” This scripture takes place with Moses at the burning bush. This scene was a reminder to me to “look” for the extraordinary in the ordinary. What a concept for 2020! There were so many opportunities for me to intentionally turn aside and “look” for Jesus. My husband’s job loss, the pandemic, my daughter finishing her senior year and starting college, moving to Florida, to name a few. I needed the VISION to see Jesus more than ever through these extraordinary events.

In my quiet time today, I was reading Hebrews 12. The book is titled “The Race of Faith.” Verses 1-2 state, “…..let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith...” The notes in my bible for the word looking says this, “the word signifies undivided attention, looking away from all distractions to fix one’s gaze on one object, having eyes for no one but Jesus.” The song “I only have eyes for you” pops into my head. That’s what VISION and 2020 looked like for me. I needed this word! This word regularly helped me through the hard times and helped me smile in good times. Girls, God knows what He is doing! My word found me! I am so incredibly thankful for our Word of the Year Challenge and the process of getting there.

At the end of 2018, we presented our challenge and process to you for the Word of the Year. Here ya go….

Beginning in December:

1. Reflect and Pray.

Ask God to show you your word. What does He want you to let go of? What is a goal He has been pressing on you, and now is the time to take action? What has He been asking you to change?

2. Research your word.

Find a definition that best reflects your word and describes what you want to accomplish in 2021. Don’t forget a scripture verse to go along with it!

3. Purchase a journal/notebook.

This journal will be a place to capture your “word moments.” A place where you can write, dream, draw, take notes, and reflect on all these moments throughout the year.

4. Decorate the cover of your journal/notebook.

Look for images that represent your word. Cut out the word itself. Or feel free to draw on your cover. Be creative!

5. Share with our Sisterhood.

Accountability is one of the keys to our success! Please consider the following:

1. Grab your FINE friend and walk this fun journey with her and US! Share each moment, your thoughts, your questions, your frustrations with a Sister.

2. Post questions, comments, or stories along the way on our Facebook page or our private Facebook Group. Remember to hashtag us at #betterthanfinewomen.

3. Be ready to share your word and/or a picture of your journal cover with our Sisterhood by January 1st on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Follow #wordoftheyear on Instagram. There are people all over the world who choose a word of the year! Join in on the fun!

Please join Leslie and me again with this “Word of the Year” challenge!

We have so much fun with the process and throughout the year and sharing all that God is showing us with these special words. Next blog, Leslie is going to give an update on her word and how God used it to carry her through 2020.

So, Sisters, please comment on our Facebook page and let us know you are all in! We will remind you to share your word and journal by the beginning of the New Year.

Also, why not invite a friend to join us on the journey! The more, the merrier!

Oh, by the way, I’ve been praying, and I know my word! Stay tuned!

Much love,


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