Treasures In The Mud!

Did you play in the mud when you were a kid? I did. As girly as I am, I loved mud. I even made a mud community for ants. Houses, trails, parks. I love mud now too, on my face to clear my blemishes. My Pastor recently told me a story of his son Jacob digging in the mud for golf balls. As he was telling me, all I could picture was my muddy life and my perspective of that muddy life. Here is his story.

Pastor received a call that the local country club dredged the pond for lost golf balls. Golf balls that were supposed to fly in the air to their destination of a hole, yards away. Somehow, the balls didn’t make it but instead found its new home in the pond. The country club gave Pastor permission to collect the balls, thinking it might be a fun adventure for his son. Of course it was! They prepared themselves with the proper attire and proper tools for this grand adventure. The two left for the day excited for what the day might bring them. They arrived at the spot, a mud pit.

Now as Pastor explained the scene, I felt like I was there. He said it was so gross and it smelled awful. That I didn’t expect! But Jacob was smiling ear to ear. He jumped right in and started searching for the balls. His dad was right there beside him, taking pictures and laughing with him. Dad asked, “do you want to wear the gloves”? No, was the answer. Getting his hands dirty was part of the fun. Here is the kicker….Jacob laughed with joy and said to his dad…. “Daddy, this is so much better than a REAL treasure hunt”!

As I was hearing this story, I thought of my own life. Sometimes my life is plain, ol’ mud! I had to look up the definition for mud and the synonyms. Mud according to Miriam-Webster’s dictionary is:

A slimy, sticky mixture of solid material with a liquid and especially water.

Synonyms: guck, mire, muck, ooze, slime, slop, sludge

Before I met Jesus I was definitely stuck in a slimy, sticky pit of lying, manipulation, promiscuity, drinking, hurt, pain, fear and on and on. I was screaming from that pit for someone to save me. Jesus heard me and climbed down into that mess and pulled me out. He rescued me! I often pray Psalm 40:2 back to Him with thanksgiving.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. I add to this: He cleaned me up, put a Royal Robe on me and called me beautiful! What a Savior!

Jacob’s story hit home even closer. Like I said above, “sometimes my life is plain, ol’ mud”! Things happen on a daily basis that I find myself back in a mud pit. People hurt me with their words, I hurt people with my words, I react instead of respond, I fear and worry over EVERYTHING, pride rears its ugly head.

What if I approached these situations like Jacob?

I gear up every day with my mud attire; prayer, bible reading, and intimate time with Jesus. Then I head out on this grand adventure in search of a treasure. Life happens and the mud gets deep. I reach down in that mud and pull out a golf ball. A golden treasure. Something new from that mud pit that God wants me to know, learn and grow from. I can rest assured that my Daddy is right beside me in that mud pit, cheering me on and encouraging me. I shout with joy, “Daddy, this is so much better than a REAL treasure hunt”!

That day Jacob collected so many golf balls. He cleaned them up and his dad shared them with some golfers to enjoy. God will do that with us too. He cleans us up and uses our treasures, our stories to share with others.

This story was a treasure to me. I hope I remember this new perspective when the mud gets deep.

Wholehearted love,


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