Leap of Faith

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

“If you aren’t willing to run off the cliff, you’ll never fly...you can’t not pray when you are running off a cliff. The same is true when we take a flying leap of faith.”

Taking A Leap of Faith
Leslie & Sharon Jumping off Cliff

- Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker

“Take just a moment to imagine you are crossing a threshold into an unexplored room of your soul. Spanish Carmelite St. Teresa of Avila described such a spiritual journey as a movement through concentric rooms of an interior castle until we reach the diamond at the center of our being. She says when we reach this diamond we will finally realize how truly beautiful we are.”

- Christine Valters Paintner, The Artist’s Rule

Sharon and I found our friendship at a time when each of us was feeling overwhelmed and overcome by our histories, our inner battles and our daily struggles. God brought us connection, showed us our commonalities, our differences, and gave us a sister-friendship that highlights His goodness and generosity. As we began getting to know one another, we would check in and say, “How are you doing?”. Over time, we found that a common answer was, “I’m fine.” As we started getting more “real” with each other, we realized that “fine” means a lot of things, and usually it doesn’t mean “all is well”. We decided to get honest and real with each other, and began saying, “I’m FINE” as a code word for “things are hard but I’m gonna seek God and go on through with it”.

As we continued growing in honest and vulnerable friendship, we saw that God was calling us to something more, both individually and as a team. We both have a deep desire in our hearts to honor God and what He has taught us and blessed us with through relationship with Him and His Word. We began dreaming and seeking God’s direction in how we could serve Him and how we could take what we have gained through our stories and struggles and use that to help others in their journeys.

It became clear to us that He wanted us to join together and create something that would bless other women, within their struggles and challenges through sharing our stories, our failures, our strengths and God’s ever-developing story of goodness in our lives. He clearly told us to “SPEAK UP”, which for each of us hasn’t ever been a deep desire of our hearts, which made us know it was from Him! Neither of us wants a platform or a spotlight, but we are honored to be chosen to create this platform with the intention of spotlighting HIM! Neither one of us feels equipped to provide answers or solutions for the problems of women that may cross our path, but we are honored to be a part of encouraging each one of you pointing you to the knowledge that God is for you, God knows you, God treasures every part of you, God wastes nothing you’ve been through, and GOD HAS GREAT PLANS FOR YOU!

We do not know everything.

We do not have all the answers.

We have walked through things and come to the other side (and still are and trusting that the “other side” is coming!)

We are here to cheer you on, encourage you, challenge you, and point you toward the grace, inclusion, acceptance and never-ending LOVE of Jesus!

So, here we are, standing on the edge of a cliff, being encouraged to take a “leap of faith”. We don’t fully know where that leap is taking us, but we are obediently and expectantly trusting that God knows, and He will guide every step. We invite you along on the journey - toward each of our empowerment and discovering who God made each of us to be, for the glory of His Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Let’s go, ladies, welcome to the Sisterhood of Better Than Fine Women!!


Hey Sisters! Sharon here! All I can say is “what she said!” LOL!! It has been my pleasure, joy and honor to be friends with Leslie these past two years. It has been so exciting to see how God brought us together and watch Him weave a tapestry of friendship, accountability and outright joy. This past summer Leslie invited me and my family on a weeklong cruise to Bermuda. We were honored to be asked and packed our bags. As we planned the week in Bermuda, cliff jumping was part of the conversation. I mentally said to myself…. “No way! Let’s leave this one to the kids.” Maybe I even said it out loud. When we got there we both looked at each other and said, “want to?” Like two little girls conspiring a plot of mischief. So we clasped hands, said 1,2,3 jump and took the first step. I screamed the entire way down. Hubby has video to prove it. It was scary but so exhilarating.

Once the trip was over and we were scrolling through our pics, this image of us jumping off the cliff was etched in my memory. This tells the beautiful truth of our new adventure story. 1,2,3 Jump! I am scared but so excited to share this adventure with you. Leslie and I know that God is calling us to share with you our experience, strength and hope. We are both about being authentic and real, hence the cellulite, cliff jumping picture! We both crave sisterhood and connection. We both desire accountability and moving forward to real purpose and passion. We both want to do this with you. We know that God made us on purpose, for a purpose. He made you, on purpose, for a purpose. No matter what you have been through. It is our desire to serve you and encourage you to say “1,2,3 jump” into the grand adventure God has planned for you.

So hang on tight, clasp hands with us and let’s jump together! Let’s do this adventure called life together!


Leslie and Sharon

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