Challenge #2 - FINE Intentions for 2019!!

This is the time of year everyone gets excited about making RESOLUTIONS for the New Year. How about you? Does that excite you or does it make you want to run for the hills? We personally love the start of a New Year, the clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning, moving forward. But resolutions seem so harsh and disappointing. So instead of making a “resolution” what do you think about making FINE Intentions? What is the difference? We are both word junkies so we looked up the definitions for both:

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not do something.

Intention: a determination to act in a certain way; resolve; import, significance. Synonyms listed in Webster's are: aim, ambition, aspiration, design, dream, goal, idea, ideal, intent, mark, meaning, objective, plan, point, purpose, target.....

Resolutions are commonly goals that have been somewhat unachievable in the normal pattern of our, “I want to lost 20 lbs. in one month!”, or “I’m going to quit gossiping!”, or “I will exercise an hour a day, seven days a week!”, or “I won’t lose my temper on my children ever again.”

We are pointing toward the word “Intention” with the purpose of each of us considering what is behind those goals/dreams/wishes for better in our lives. Intention has purpose behind it, a meaning. By using that word instead, we “intend” to consider our “whys” in setting our “intent” for 2019!

Phew! We REALLY love intention so much better! Our Sisterhood is about being FINE so let’s start 2019 with some FINE Intentions! Want to join us?

Remember what each word in our acronym stands for:

F= Free

I= Influencer

N= Normal

E= Empowered

Perhaps as you set your INTENTIONS for the New Year, you could consider each of those words....

  • What do you want to be Free from, or Free for?

  • How can you be more of an Influencer in your world? (Blog post coming soon on this)

  • How can you embrace better what is “Normal” about you? How are you significant, just as you are? How can you use simply what God has given you to live a healthier, more secure and confident life?

  • Where do you need to recognize your power more? How can you invest in multiplying your own significance or in encouraging the significance of those around you? You are EMPOWERED and you can give that away too!

Don’t forget, God is in this!! You don’t have to do any of this on your own!! He wants new for you, and has prepared it for you - if you seek Him in all of it, you will find it!! Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” And Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”

So start this whole thing with PRAYER. God will guide you in the direction of where your Intentions for 2019 should be headed.

Every time we set goals in our life, we need TOOLS, WISDOM, SUPPORT and STRUCTURE to follow through with them. Below is a list of exercises we do to get the year rolling. Read them over and decide which ones speak to you the most and DO THEM! It could be one exercise or all of them. Remember to keep your Word of the Year in front of you. How can you incorporate your WORD into your FINE Intentions for 2019? And how can you keep track of your progress?

1. Word of the Year/Journal

If you haven’t already, choose your word for the year and purchase a journal to capture your WORD moments. Don’t forget to decorate your journal.

2. Gratitude List - “Count the Fruit”

Take some time to make a list of all the things you are grateful for in 2018. Think about each month of this past year and recap what you did and what you are grateful for in that month. We just recently came across an awesome notion of “Counting the Fruit” of the past year. Check out the Instagram account @jessaconnolly and go to her saved stories and look at “Count the Fruit” - what a beautiful exercise, to count where there has been FRUIT in our lives!! What motivation to recognize the simple fruits of our daily lives, and to multiply the fruit as we move forward!

3. Reflection Questions

Grab yourself a cup of tea and start reflecting and answering some of these questions. Give yourself time to pray, ponder and journal. Give yourself several days to complete.

a. What is one big thing I would like to accomplish this year? Dream big! Let nothing stop your dreaming. (Ex: write a book)

b. Think about this “one big thing” and write out one goal per month. (Ex: write one chapter per month)

c. Reflect on all areas of your life:

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

  • Relational

  1. For each area write one thing you are grateful for. Being grateful is nourishment to our souls.

  2. As you ponder each area, what is one thing you can do this coming year to enhance this area of your life. Keep it to one thing, and you can keep it SIMPLE! Doing too much is overwhelming. (Ex: Physical: I am going to move at least 20 minutes a day for 5 days of the week)

d. Think about FINE. What one “letter” can you refine this coming year? Explore that word and do something “intentional” to make that word come alive. (Ex: Empower: I will write a note of empowerment to my daughter/friend/coworker at least once a month)

e. Word of the Year: Why did you pick this word? What intentional steps can you do to make your word a reality? How can you use your word to inspire someone else?

4. Vision Board

This is super fun! A vision board is a collage of images, words and affirmations of your dreams and desires for 2019. This board will be your motivation and a visual attention to reach for your goals. A reminder. Keep this board in a place where you will see it daily. Remember to put your Word of the Year on it!

5. Support/Accountability

Is there a person you can share your intentions with? Perhaps come up with a “check in” system or plan with that person to check on progress, evaluate patterns or brainstorm strategies along the way. Ask them for feedback, and real, honest investment in you, and offer the same to them. Our Facebook group is a good place to start - begin a conversation/Q & A about what you’d like to do - perhaps others will have a system or structure that they have tried that has worked.

We are just THRILLED to enter this new year of Better Than FINE intentions with each and every one of you!! We pray with all of our hearts that this little blog is a place of encouragement, safety, love, generosity and connection for all of us!! Happy 2019!!! May each of you be inspired to look at the beauty inside of you, and to rise up into God’s intentions for you as you enter this New Year of promise and possibility!!

Love you so much!

Leslie and Sharon

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