Challenge #1 - Word of the Year

Welcome to our first BTF Challenge! We are so excited. Challenges can mean something positive or negative depending on how you look at it. We are looking to the positive! Check out this definition in Webster’s Dictionary:

A challenge is something that by its nature of character serves as a call to battle, a contest or special effort.

From this point forward consider our challenges “a call to battle”. So, let’s get started.

Challenge #1

December 2018

Word of the Year

For years we have both picked a word at the beginning of the year and used this word as our personal mantra, a goal toward a change, a journey to bring clarity and focus to our lives.

Here are some examples of those words:

Come on this journey with us in 2019. We will share with you step by step on bringing this word alive. We will encourage a community where we share our word journey from January to December 2019. Then start all over again for 2020.

Beginning December 1st:

1. Reflect and Pray.

Ask God to show you your word. What does He want you to let go of? What is a goal He has been pressing on you and now is the time to take action? What has He been asking you to change?

2. Research your word.

Find a definition that best reflects your word and describes what you want to accomplish in 2019.

3. Purchase a journal or notebook.

We will talk more in detail about journaling at another time. In the meantime, this journal will be a place to capture your “word moments”. A place where you can write, dream, draw, take notes.

4. Decorate the cover of your journal/notebook.

Look for images that represent your word. Cut out the word itself. Or feel free to draw on your cover. Be creative!

5. Share with our Sisterhood.

Accountability is one of the keys to our success!

1. Grab your FINE friend and walk this fun journey with her. Share each moment, your thoughts, your questions, your frustrations with a Sister who is walking this call to battle too.

2. Post questions, comments or stories along the way on our Facebook page.

3. Be ready to share your word and/or a picture of your journal cover with our Sisterhood by January 1st on Instagram.

4. Follow #wordoftheyear on Instagram. There are people all over the world who choose a word of the year!

6. Frequent Status Updates.

Throughout 2019 we will check-in and share what God is doing in our lives with our word journey. Accountability!

There you go FINE Sisters! Have fun! We can’t wait to share this call to battle with you! Head over to our Facebook Page and share your thoughts on the first challenge. Ask each other questions and encourage each other to get moving!

We love you and can’t wait to share 2019 with you!


Leslie and Sharon

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