Breath of Heaven

Hello FINE Ladies!

Monday, April 13, 2020, Day 28. That is what I write in my prayer journal every morning. The day, date, and how many days we have been in quarantine. This is so surreal. I feel like I am in prison and scratching lines on the wall as my countdown.

I start this cycle when I get up, completely depleted, understandably, I just woke up… I roll over and think for a split second, this was all a dream. But then the split second is gone. I realize the truth and whisper, “Help me, Jesus.” Every day. Every morning. I head down to my quiet time and start writing…Monday, April 13, 2020, Day 28

I then begin to pray and cry out to God. It is the same thing every day. Suddenly my own personal prayers have seemed to vanish. Honestly, I have never prayed so much for our government, country, state, community, and world. All the officials, frontline workers, caretakers, sick, and the protection over all of us. Every day. I know when this is over, I will continue in fervent prayer to intercede far and wide. These times have certainly opened my eyes and heart. That is another blog. But here is what is on my heart right now.

When my daughter was little, and she would get upset, I would pick her up on my lap and hold her really tight. I know this provided a sense of security to her. She felt my warmth and love, and she heard my heartbeat. Sometimes she couldn’t stop crying, and I would gently blow on her face. Thankfully, these times never came after I had garlic bread. Seriously though, this made her calm down. I’m not really sure why. I remembered this memory a few days ago. Katie showed me a video of this little girl, hysterically crying, and her mom gently blew on her face, and the girl smiled and stopped crying. We both gasped. Is this a thing?

Anyway, it made me think about this time in quarantine, I feel God pick me up into His lap and hold me tightly. I feel secure in His arms. Sometimes I just sit there and let Him hold me other times, I just want to talk. I tell Him all my worries and fears. It’s the uncertainty. I feel antsy. Restless, impatient, fidgety. My google dictionary says, “the long wait made the children antsy.” Yep!

It’s only been 28 days, for Pete’s sake! As God holds me and I am fidgeting all around, His stability calms me down. This is what it means to “Be still and know that He is God.” Psalm 46:10 The God of the Universe, my Daddy, holding me tight. Be still means to cease striving, to stop. I want my mind to stop. I need my mind to stop. It’s been 28 days and who knows how many more we will be at it. I NEED to see the awesomeness of my God. He is my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble; therefore, I will not fear. Every day I just go to “Quiet Time Spot” to BE and KNOW. Then I feel His breath on my face. Not literally, but I feel peace, peace that surpasses understanding. I feel secure, warmth, and love. I usually don’t move until I sense His presence.

All of this was swirling around in my head this past week, and it made me think of the Christmas song by Amy Grant, “Breath of Heaven.” I pulled it up on my Spotify and balled my eyes out. Click here and listen. Here are some of the lyrics….

Breath of Heaven

Hold me together

Be forever near me

Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven

Lighten my darkness

Pour over me your holiness

For you are holy

Breath of Heaven

Then it goes on to say at the end.

Help me be strong

Help me be

Help me

This is how I am feeling these days. Help me be strong….for my friends and family. Help me be… just BE with God. Help me….Help me, Jesus. Every day.

Do you need the Breath of Heaven, EVERY DAY, gently blowing in your face? Please take some time in these coming days to BE still and KNOW that He is God. He’s got us. He is holding us tightly. He will be an ever-present HELP in time of trouble.

You can count on Him, ladies!

Father God,

Lighten our darkness, pour over us your holiness, for You are Holy. Help us be firm, help us be, help us! Hold us tightly through this quarantine, and when it’s all said and done, may we know You more.

Love you,


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