Leslie Mears

I am first and foremost a grateful daughter of the King.  I am blessed to wear His crown of freedom, of grace, of mercy, of forgiveness and of LOVE.  Next, I am a wife of John for twenty-eight imperfect and love-filled years, a mother of three beautiful and “unfinished” children (ages 25, 22 and 16!), who desires to leave a legacy of influence with each of these, my most important people, as my highest priority.  I am also a teacher, an artist, an encourager, writer and lover of books.  Finally, I am a woman who has found herself often needing to seek ways to consider my usual quick answer to the common question of “How are you?” I am a  woman who wants to reach beyond the first response of “I’m fine”.

For many years, since I was a child of layered losses (family trauma, chronic illness and early death of my father, losses through divorce and multiple relocations), I found I would consistently put my needs down to “the bottom of the pile”.  I’ve learned that I built up unhealthy habits of burying any “desires of my heart” deeply down inside me, where they wouldn’t be ignored, rejected, “put at the bottom of the queue” amongst the needs of my louder, needier or more assertive people around me, or where they wouldn’t face potential failure.

Through some experiences of digging deep, self-exploration and most importantly, learning of the all-encompassing acceptance, love and encouragement of my Lord Jesus Christ, I have discovered that He made me for a unique and impactful purpose.  He wants me to use the gifts He created me with, from the time I was in my mother’s womb, for the good of others and to shine His light and love into sometimes dark places.  He has planted a dream in my heart, alongside  my dear sweet sister-in-Christ, Sharon.  The community of Better Than Fine Women is our dream, and it is intended to be a welcoming, loving, transparent, vulnerable and safe place to learn who we all are and why we were created, and to apply those things into the legacy of the fruit of the Kingdom of God.  Welcome to our dream, sister!!