YOU are Better than just “FINE”

“How are you?” How often do you hear that question in a week?  It is a common greeting, right? And how often do you answer “I’m fine”, when perhaps you aren’t exactly doing just “fine”? Being fine is ok, but let’s get more specific.  Let’s try to open up to more than just “fine”. 


This Sisterhood is about real connection, to get to know other women, of all ages, histories, situations, gifts, realities and feelings, to get beyond “fine”. To take away the actual disconnection of saying we are “fine”.  


We hope this will be a place of encouragement.  Even when we are struggling, we are not alone, we can learn from each other, we can share our own stories and journeys with each other.  Life can be hard but it is also beautiful within the challenges.  We can unify in that  - we can share and lift each other up as we walk through the hard together.


We are all different.  We all put out what we want others to see, what we feel “safe” to put out there.  Let’s make it safe to be different, let’s discover our down deep desires and give them to each other, and to our loving God who created us so beautifully different and unique.


All are welcome here.  The Kingdom of God is a rainbow of people who come from all different histories, and who care about all different things.  Wherever you might be on your journey of knowing who God is, and who you are in HIm, we welcome you - we welcome your questions, your insecurities, your weaknesses.  And we hope to encourage you to seek more - more knowledge about who God created you to be, what He wants you to see about yourself and your place in this world, where He wants you to use your influence, your power in your own circles, how He created you to use those unique and special qualities within you, and when He wants you to step out in faith!!  


You are each, individually and you are all, as a whole, a TREASURE to this world!! Let’s search for our value together and make an impact on this world with who we are and what we’ve been given!!